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Rob Field

  I'm Rob Field, a professional visual effects artist living and working in Utah, although my clients are located around the world.

Thanks to successful projects I've been able to maintain long-term relationships with my clients - they come back for future work, and they recommend me to their colleagues. 

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 I have a BFA in Animation and  15 years of work in the film and visual effects industry.  

Some of my work includes a short film selected for the Sundance Film Festival, nearly 80 indie films, and television work for The CW, ABC, ABC Family, SyFy, the Discovery Channel, Lifetime, and the History Channel. 

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VFX Capabilities


Nuke and Fusion compositing expertise for complex projects involving hundreds of shots, difficult greenscreens, in-composite 3D elements, and 2.5D matte paintings.

Tracking and Matchmoving

I can track your camera, no questions asked.  Years of experience using Syntheyes for matchmoving and Mocha Pro for planar tracking to make sure that technical limitations never compromise a shot.

3D Generalist

General 3D work including modeling, animation and dynamic simulations in SideFX Houdini and Autodesk Maya.  Lighting and rendering in Octane and V-Ray.  Texturing in 3D-Coat and Substance Painter. 

Python Scripting

My experience in Python and C# has allowed me to develop a robust pipeline that's capable of handling large volumes of shots in a reliable, error-free, fast environment. 

Sample Shot: Dynamic Building Collapse

I completed the model prep, UVs, and lighting, as well as dust and RBD dynamic simulations in Houdini.  I textured in Substance Painter, rendered in Octane, and composited in Nuke.

Sample Shot: Bridge Explosion

I tracked the shot in Syntheyes, simulated the bridge explosion in Pixelux DMM, then added the smoke as a Phoenix FD sim.  I rendered it all from VRay 3.0 and composited in Fusion. 

Sample Shot: B-24 Hit

I transferred the model and animation from Maya to Houdini via Alembic.  I then did the pyro sim in Houdini and rendered in Octane.  I comped the final shot in Fusion. 

Sample Shot: F4U Corsair

I painted the aircraft model in Substance Painter, then created the clouds in Houdini and rendered with Octane.  I composited the shot in Nuke.

Sample Shot: US Frigate breaks the Blockade

I simulated the ship's motion and the water in Houdini, then rendered in Mantra and Octane.  I then composited the shot in Fusion.

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