LongRange Shooter App



Learn to be an Expert Shot

Long range rifle marksmanship, now on your mobile device!  Learn to range targets properly with a mil-dot scope, or practice what you already know.  LongRange Shooter allows you to enjoy engaging targets at ranges from 100 to 1000 yards.  You control the scope and the wind to get the shooting practice you need!



  • Full ballistics engine for accurate results
  • User adjustable range and wind strength
  • User-configurable turret adjustments in both MIL and MOA
  • Army-style MIL-DOT reticle
  • Simple ruler-style mil-line reticle for learning fast
  • Math reference and calculator for ranging help
  • Beautiful range imagery

Getting Started

Getting started is simple!  We’ll help you through the basics of using the scope to estimate a range for your target, then setting up your shot.  We’ve included a full ballistic range card (“dopesheet”) for you to consult inside the app, as well as calculators to help you with the math.  There’s even a helpful reference page with information on calculating range, a target and reticle measurements image, plus more.  You’ll be placing shots on target at 1,000 yards in no time.

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LongRange Shooter