RF Animation LLC is…

Professional Freelance Visual Effects

Your Complete VFX Pipeline

I am primarily a compositor working in Fusion, although I do have studio work experience in both Nuke and AfterEffects. I am also a matchmover and tracker, currently working in Syntheyes and Mocha. In addition, I have years of experience delivering 3D and CG work in Maya/V-Ray. I am also capable of scripting in Python and have developed extensive pipeline tools at the studios I have worked for.


I am a skilled VFX generalist!


RF Animation LLC

3D Matchmoving

I offer full, complex 3D matchmoving in Syntheyes as well as planar tracking in Mocha.   I’ve been a matchmover for 11 years, and can handle anything you can throw at me!


RF Animation LLC

Maya / VRay

I handle my own simulation work in Phoenix FD and DMM, as well as texturing, lighting, shading, and rendering in Maya and VRay.


RF Animation LLC

Blackmagic Fusion

Quality compositing in Blackmagic Fusion Studio!  I love compositing, and have the skills to put together all the elements of the most complicated film shot.


RF Animation LLC

Python Scripting

I’m also a competent Python scripter, and have built a large number of tools that have become completely integral to my studio’s workflow.  Solid pipelines save time and reduce errors!